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Bideford Town Art And Crafts Trail (BTAC TRAIL) 30th July - 27th August 2017
here you will information for venues and participating artists and crafters.
If you wish to take part please contact me for a form.

Information for Venues.

There is no cost to you, but artists and crafters have paid an entry fee to put their work on display, all profits after overheads goes to charity.
The pieces will be exhibited with a BTAC TRAIL STICKER and a large red bordered label showing
The 'Trailers' will have a map and check list to follow round the town and they must note the artist /crafters name and the unique number of the work on display at each venue. All completed entries will go in a draw at the end of August and the winner will receive £30 towards any piece on display or that has already been purchased. Work is for sale, but will be replaced if necessary with a similar item. Sales are direct through the exhibitor not the venue unless other arrangements have been made between you.
It would be helpful to have some indication as to where you might display and maximum size acceptable , as this will affect the piece/s chosen for your venue, you may choose to have more than one work if you have space.
If you already have an artist or crafter on display, please encourage them to take part and contact me to be put on the Trail list.
Contact - Lesley Cornish 07747615203
or find Torridge Art and Crafts on Facebook to message me.

Details for Artists and Crafters
Thank you for taking part in this event. It is a great opportunity to display and sell your work in Bideford and there will be lots of visitors around through August.
You may submit up to three pieces, though selection of more than one depends on the number of venues available and the space therein.
All paintings must be suitably framed or with tidy edges and fitted with cord and D rings. Paintings and crafts to be presented to a good standard and for a minimum price of £30. Please keep paintings at a sensible size, the venues are giving up space in their displays for us. If you sell a piece you must replace it with a similar one and inform me of the sale ( Sales to be made direct with you not the venue unless you arrange otherwise. Venues will take no responsibility for damage theft etc. so you should arrange insurance / public indemnity as you deem necessary.
Each item must have a large Red Bordered label attached minimum size 4" x 2" which can be clearly visible to the public with your name, title, price medium and contact number, and the unique number (which will be allocated on selection), plus I will email you a colourful flash label for you print to place on or near you work designating it an Art Trail item.
The Trailers will be writing the Artist / Crafter name and the unique number on their list, which, when completed, will go into a draw for a £30 prize towards any piece displayed or already purchased.

There will be a fee of £5 per item selected, which goes towards the prize and overheads (printing of forms and ads etc.), any surplus funds will be donated to charity.
You do not need to pay any money yet. Payment details with notification of selection, allocation of venue/s and unique numbers for each work will be communicated before 20th July.

If you already display in a venue in the town, please confirm they are willing to be included on the TRAIL and send me their details please.
Please deliver your work to your allocated venue between Thursday 27th and Saturday 29th July so that it is in place to start the trail on the 30th, and liaise with the venue manager as to its location. Collection of unsold work as soon as possible after 27th August please.